Built 50 years ago on what was once the seabed, a visit to Almere is surprisingly different. As the newest city in the Netherlands, it has a lot to offer and is never boring! Known locally as ‘Ally’, this city has it all: modern architecture, loads of shops, special nature reserves and beautiful beaches. In fact, it’s often called an open-air museum of modern architecture!
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Discover ‘Ally’

Discover ‘Ally’

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Almere is the newest and perhaps greenest city in the Netherlands. It was built almost 50 years ago on the bottom of the former Zuiderzee. But how and why did this come about?

To accommodate the growing population of Amsterdam and the surrounding area, it was decided at the end of the 19th century to dam and drain the Zuiderzee. It took almost 100 years but the result was the province of Flevoland with Almere as its beating heart. Almere is a constantly developing city and you’ll find places here that are unique in the Netherlands. It’s a surprisingly different city with something for everyone, from modern architecture to beautiful beaches!
The connection with the sea, the water and everything around it is still tangible in Almere. Consisting of 47% water with a 42-kilometre-long coastline and nine city beaches, it’s an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts. Why not hire a boat on the Weerwater and admire the skyline of Almere from the water? There are also plenty of other activities on offer, such as stand-up paddle boarding or canoeing at SEC Almere, windsurfing at Sail Today or sailing at Haddock Watersport.
Canoeing in Almere

'Discover Almere: the open-air museum of modern architecture!'

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Almere is home to many different nature reserves. The Oostvaardersplassen, part of the Nieuw Land National Park, is located in Almere's backyard. It’s a great place for walking and cycling or to join an excursion through the area. Animal lovers have a good chance of spotting red deer, various bird species, Heck cattle and even some Konik horses.
Pop into The Oostvaarders Pavilion during your visit for some lunch or a high tea with a beautiful view of the area. Want to explore more green spaces? Then head to the Kemphaan city estate in the middle of the Almouderhout forest area. Discover various walking and cycling routes or have an adventure! Go climbing at Klimpark Fun Forest, spot special animals at Almere Jungle or spend the night at the De Kemphaan nature camping site.
Almere Jungle

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Almere is often called the number one open-air museum of modern architecture. Within the space of a square kilometre in the city centre, you can admire the architecture of world-famous and renowned designers such as Rem Koolhaas, René van Zuuk, Herman Hertzberger and many more.
But there is also plenty of architecture to admire outside the city centre. For example, the Eilandenbuurt in Almere Buiten is home to the special 'Wanted Living' project with boldly designed houses full of character. The Regenboog neighbourhood has the 'Rooie Donders', remarkable buildings designed by Liesbeth van der Pol.

Here’s a fun fact: if you’re a sheep in the Schaapskooi in the Vroege Vogel Forest, you’re a lucky sheep indeed. The Schaapskooi won an international architecture prize years ago and it’s an interesting place to visit.
Rooiedonders Almere Buiten spectacular red architecture
The newest city in the Netherlands

The newest city in the Netherlands

Boating in Almere surrounded by architectural gems

Sustainability and green spaces are obviously unmissable themes in a young, fast-growing city that is in full development. You’ll find remarkable nature areas, parks, lots of woods and water everywhere. Almere is a truly green city! Want to experience this for yourself? Hire an (electric) bicycle or electric sloop and explore the city via one of the many fun routes. In addition to the beauty of nature, there are also special hotspots and sustainable initiatives that will amaze you. A tour through the ecological district of Oosterwold is definitely recommended!
City and nature are ideally aligned in Almere. There are mountain bike trails, unique accommodation options, a climbing forest and many more great locations where you can enjoy nature. How about a B&B in a vineyard? Or head out on the water and participate in water sports all over the city. Go catamaran sailing on the IJmeer or wakeboarding on the Weerwater, in the middle of the city!

A real standout in the city is the ecological suburb De Buitenkans, where you can admire 55 colourful houses with architecture inspired by the theories of anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner. He believed that organic architecture, with many oblique lines, brought cosmic inspiration.
Overnight stay at Bed & Welness Klein Knorrestein Almere

Organic architecture

Steiner's theories resulted in a colourful scene in which no house is straight. Rooms are never rectangular and roofs have sloping lines. These roofs are planted with sedum and collect rainwater, which eventually ends up in a central pond where reeds provide water purification.

Hidden gems
Enjoy the beach life

Enjoy the beach life

Supping in Almere

Dunes covered with tufts of dune grass and an expansive beach with a view over the IJmeer lake: it’s another side of Almere! In the unique DUIN district in Almere Poort, the residents enjoy the true beach life. The district has beautiful homes, trendy hospitality establishments and great water sports activities. A visit here is a great day out!
The Almeerder beach is the widest beach in Almere and the largest catamaran beach in Europe. It is the best place to relax and cool down on a sultry summer day. With various water sports providers established around the beach, you can learn to paddle board, sail a catamaran or kitesurf with the beautiful skyline of Amsterdam and the IJmeer in the background. A truly unforgettable experience.
Beach Almere

Almere beach life

Stay overnight at Marina Parcs Muiderzand Almere

Of course you can also relax at a cosy beach bar such as Poortdok. A little further on, within walking distance of the beach, is the welcoming brasserie Zuyder where you can enjoy tasty dishes and soak up the beachy vibe from morning to evening. Looking for a unique overnight stay on the water? At Marina Parcs, you can drift off to sleep in a water bubble. Enjoy the theatre? Vis à Vis theatre spectacle is located right next to the Almeerder beach. Here you can watch special and varying theatre performances in the open air.

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