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Getting to the Netherlands

The Netherlands might be a small country, but it is easily accessible from all over the world. Located just outside Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport is a major international travel hub and one of the busiest airports in Europe. Not to mention the added bonus of a train station just beneath the airport! Although flying might be the only option for some travellers, you can also reach the Netherlands by land thanks to a network of fast train connections from several European cities.

  • A small country with big connections.
  • Easily accessible via 5 airports.
  • Sustainable overland travel options.

Travellers arriving in the Netherlands by plane will land at one of five airports. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the best known and is a major international hub for flights and routes around the world. The other airports in the Netherlands are Eindhoven Airport, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Maastricht Aachen Airport and Groningen Airport Eelde. Our international airports are conveniently dispersed across the country. As a result, there is always an airport nearby so you can reach one of our big or small cities in no time. When visiting the Netherlands by plane, it's important to check carefully whether you have a valid passport and whether you require a visa.

From the airport to the city

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Arriving in the Netherlands by plane means you are automatically well-connected to the public transport network. From Schiphol airport, it is very easy to transfer to a train or bus to explore our country. With approximately 400 stations of various sizes, the Dutch rail network makes it easy to reach most of the far corners of the Netherlands. For example, you can land at Schiphol Airport, jump on a train and be in one of our four major cities of The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht or Amsterdam in less than an hour! And it is just as easy to reach the rest of the Netherlands by public transport from the other airports. Anyone can easily travel by public transport using OVpay or an OV-chipkaart.

Greener and more comfortable than flying

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Of course, when travelling from some parts of the world you have no choice but to fly when visiting the Netherlands. But did you know that it is much easier, more comfortable and more sustainable to visit by train or your electric car from most European countries? A wide range of international (night) trains will whisk you comfortably to your holiday in the Netherlands. You will arrive relaxed and refreshed without having to deal with cramped legroom, fighting to find space for your luggage and eating flavourless in-flight meals. Not to mention giving your sustainable travel credentials a boost!

Electric car at a charging station

If you really want to do things at your own pace, then the Netherlands is also a perfect place to visit by electric car. No other country in Europe has so many places to charge your EV. And the rates are also affordable compared to the rest of the continent. We make it easy to travel greenly and, once you've arrived in the Netherlands, we'd love to help you make the rest of your holiday as sustainable as possible too.