Top view of escalators Forum Groningen
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Inspiration & travel planning

It is important for you as a travel trade professional to enable your clients to experience an unforgettable stay. Individual requests and concrete travel ideas are the norm today. In order to meet and surpass your clients' expectations, you need to convince them with sound knowledge of the destination, creative itinerary ideas and first hand insider recommendations. That’s exactly where we come in. We provide you with practical information about the Netherlands, show you the best places and tell you about the most special events and festivals. A win-win situation for you and your clients.
Young couple views city map in front of Grote Kerk
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Practical information about the Netherlands as a travel destination.

Receive useful and practical information about the Netherlands, which you can pass on to your customers as a professional.

Street art at Powwow festival in Rotterdam
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Travel inspiration and insider knowledge about the Netherlands

These travel tips will surprise and inspire your clients.

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Key Topics & “Holland Stories“

Tell your clients about our Holland Stories. The topics and areas of interest are closely connected to the rich history, culture and identity of the Netherlands.

Dutch Design Week 2021 Klokgebouw Labyrint
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Travel Trade: Dates & Events in the Netherlands

We keep you updated about the most important dates, topics and events in the Netherlands.

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Positioning & Marketing of the Netherlands until 2030

Find out how tourism in the Netherlands will change over the next 10 years, which objectives have been set out and how the country will position and market itself internationally.

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