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Photo: © Iris van den Broek

Travel inspiration

Usually tourists are looking for special recommendations, authentic experiences and scenic backdrops, which are perfect for that coveted holiday snapshot. In order to enable your clients to enjoy a unique holiday we have compiled a selection of unique places to visit and explore. From idyllic villages to hip Instagram-hotspots to diversified cities, that are as worthwhile visiting as ever popular Amsterdam. 

Traditional Holland without the crowds

Discover traditional Holland away from the crowds and selfie sticks.

5 perfect alternatives to Amsterdam: city trip, canals, shopping, art, and nightlife

Discover these extraordinary alternatives to Amsterdam with historic canals, fascinating museums, fantastic shops, and a vibrant nightlife.

Port of Groningen

14 hidden gems for your bucket list

You love traveling and want to get off the beaten track? Discover our selection of hotspots in the Netherlands that will definitely surprise you.

Discover Holland in every season

Planning a holiday in Holland? These are the holiday tips for spring, summer, autumn and winter in Holland.

The best spots for Instagram photos in Holland

Discover the most Instagram worthy spots in Holland.

Discover 12 unique regions

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