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The best spots for Instagram photos in Holland

Artists in the 17th century already knew that the Netherlands is a very rewarding place to capture in paintings. The wonderful light and panoramas can be admired in countless museums around the world. There are also many beautiful places to record today, not necessarily on canvas but simply with your smartphone. Check out 10 Instagram hotspots in the Netherlands.

  • The most beautiful spots to photograph.
  • Great indoor and outdoor photo spots throughout the Netherlands.
  • Brighten your timeline with truly Dutch images.

1. Dordrecht

Its rich history is clearly visible when you wander the streets of Dordrecht. A lot of historical heritage has been preserved and transformed into tourist attractions. For example, visit Villa Augustus, a hotel located in an old water tower. Walk through the old city centre and along the old harbour – the beautiful streets, buildings and bridges ensure that it's impossible to take a bad picture. For example, photograph the Damiate Bridge with an old building in the background with red doors and wooden shutters on the windows. Or walk towards the Groothoofdspoort, located at the point where three rivers meet, for a nice photo of the old city gate. Visit Bluebirds in the Backyard for your vintage goodies or have a drink in the café located at the back of the property. An added bonus is the live guitar music that's performed there. How's that for peace of mind!

2. Rotterdam

Rotterdam clearly deserves a prominent place in this list. The city seems to have been made for Instagram. With its industrial look, steel-riven harbor and innovative architecture, you can create an Instastory on virtually every street corner. Walk towards the Hofbogen in Rotterdam-Noord, for instance. You will find a range of trendy stores and eateries beneath this old railway track. Stand amazed on Holland’s longest roof at the Luchtpark for a unique view of the city.

The cube houses have been an architectural icon in Rotterdam for decades now. This abstract forest with houses tilted an amazing 45 degrees is built on concrete pilings for a surrealist panorama. Did you know you can even spend the night in one of the cubes?

The Markthal Rotterdam is the first and largest market hall in Holland. The size of a football field, with apartments built into the horseshoe shaped roof. The hall itself boasts 100 fresh units, 15 food shops, and 8 restaurants. But the Markthal is well worth a visit even if you are not hungry!

Rising 139 meters into the sky, the Erasmusbrug is an architectural masterpiece that stands out in Rotterdam’s skyline. The steel bridge connects the historical Delfshaven district with the futuristic Kop van Zuid. You can photograph it from a distance, or would you rather stand on the bridge itself to shoot the ‘swan neck’?

3. Leiden

Leiden is a real city of canals. In spring and summer, you will see countless boats and tour boats gliding across the canals and moats. Step aboard and discover how beautiful Leiden is from the water! There are also countless indoor spots in Leiden that make for great images. How about the beautiful garden in the Hortus, Holland’s oldest botanical garden. And in the city's many museums, you will find unique objects that are certainly perfect subjects for a photograph. Is there anyone who would not want to be in a picture with a real T. rex?

4. Maastricht

In the southernmost city in Holland, it sometimes seems you could be in a different country. Located on the Meuse river amid rolling hills, the city with its ancient buildings seems very Burgundian. If the views in the inner city don’t make for a great shot, why not step into the Boekhandel Dominicanen or Kruisherenhotel. The book store in an old church is often admiringly called the world’s most beautiful book store. The Kruisherenhotel was built in an old monastery and represents heaven on earth in terms of design within ancient walls. The copper entrance in itself makes for a perfect image.

5. The Hague and Scheveningen

Are you visiting the court city of The Hague? Make sure to keep your smartphone to hand! The Binnenhof, Hofvijver, countless beautiful museums, as well as the Lange Voorhout are highly photogenic, among other things. Just outside The Hague is the Museum Voorlinden with objects that feature prominently in the social media channels on a regular basis. Experience what it’s like to stay dry in a swimming pool, get a hyper realistic yet enlarged view of an older couple on the beach, and step into a life sized installation with mirrors and lights that make you feel like you are in a kaleidoscope.

Do you want to step into a totally different world? In that case, visit the Japanese garden on landgoed Clingendael, especially in the fall when it seems you are walking through a fairytale. Just a short walk away is the beach of Scheveningen. The fishing boats in the harbor make for a great industrial look. On the beach stands the Scheveningen Pier with its Ferris wheel, A particularly popular object for Instagrammers especially during sunsets.

6. The coast

The Dutch coast boasts  many more highly photogenic spots. Follow any path to the beach for the most wonderful views of windblown sand, long stretches of beaches, wild waves, and fantastic sunsets. Domburg for instance, makes for unique images. The wooden piles of the breakwaters make for exquisitely stylized images. These piles can be found beyond Domburg as well: there are nearly 100,000 throughout Zeeland!

The jetty of the Wadden ferry between Texel and Vlieland stands on the beach of Vlieland. The robust piles jutting out from the sand make for an impressive image with the rough sea beyond. A bit further, right on the Vliehors, is the shipwreck’s hut. From May through October, you’ll find a beautiful beachcomber’s fence here, a quiet oasis built from found timber and other objects washed ashore.

7. Utrecht

Back to the city. Do you already know Utrecht? The characteristic Domtoren is an important orientation point in the city. With its 112 meters, it juts above virtually everything else. You can photograph the Dom from different perspectives, but you can also shoot great pics from inside or the top.

The Oudegracht is a stone’s throw away from the Dom. This 2 kilometer long canal through the center of Utrecht is a popular photographer’s model. In summer, fall, winter or spring - the Oudegracht is always stunning. The wharf cellars lining the canal accommodate hip restaurants, wonderful ateliers, and welcoming cafés.

Did you know there is also a tunnel from the Ganzenmarkt to the Oudegracht? It features a unique light and shadow play and is part of Trajectum Lumen, a voyage of discovery past artistically lit locations in the inner city of Utrecht.

8. Eindhoven

Eindhoven, the city of light, is full of impressive architecture and visually attractive events. Shoot fairytale images during the annual GLOW event or visit the creative district Strijp-S. The former Philips buildings are a robust, industrial backdrop for your photos. Do you prefer to photograph food? Then you should visit DOWN TOWN Gourmet Market, the most popular food halls in Eindhoven.

9. Drenthe

The province of Drenthe breathes peace and space. There are as many as three National Parks and many beautiful natural landscapes to roam. The outdoor life offers many photographic opportunities. Enjoy the forests in the Drents-Friese Wold or the water in the Drentse Aa. Come face to face with heath sheep or a Drentse Hooglander ox, and stroll through the pleasant villages. Drenthe is well known for its 54 Hunebedden, of course, which are 5000 years old. The Hunebed Highway takes you to the most notable places.

10. Veluwe

Another extraordinary natural place is National Park de Hoge Veluwe. Particularly in fall with turning and falling leaves, the purple haze of the heath, and the burling of deer, this is a magical area for long walks or cycling tours. In the center of this area are the open moors and sand drifts of Radio Kootwijk. With its 700 hectares of sand drifts, Kootwijkerzand sometimes looks like a kind of moonscape. This rough sandy landscape features the monumental transmitter building in extraordinary art deco style. This building is very photogenic both inside and out!

11. Other gems and instagrammable museums

If you look carefully, you can shoot the most wonderful images anywhere. Talking about Instagrammable places, you wil discover the most fantastic street art throughout the Netherlands. If you want to take a truly unique selfie, visit Remastered or the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. Visit Doloris' Meta Maze in Tilburg for a journey into the unknown and make your way through the largest art maze in the world in search of the perfect picture. The Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo or the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven are also the perfect opportunities to create the most beautiful Instagram post and you can't let that pass you by. Or let the timeless sculptures in the museum park at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen inspire you. The most amazing shots can be made with the impressive ‘depotgebouw’ in the background. Find more gems and great locations on our Instagram account @visitnetherlands, such as below!

Share your snapshots on Instagram with the hashtag #VisitNetherlands and who knows, your photo mighht appear on this timeline.

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