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The best way to experience the Netherlands is to go local. We want you to feel right at home during your visit to our beautiful country, which is why we’ve created the ‘theme hubs’ shown below. But it’s not just about the most extraordinary Dutch stories. You’ll also meet the people responsible for making the Netherlands as friendly and inclusive as it is. They will take you off the beaten path to show you some fantastic hidden gems and provide advice on how to make your stay as carbon-neutral and eco-friendly as possible. Just like a true local. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable time in the Netherlands!

Van Gogh Huis Nieuw-Amsterdam Veenoord, Drenthe

Explore the beautiful Dutch landscape that led Vincent van Gogh to become one of the greatest painters of all time. Follow in his footsteps and experience the natural beauty of Brabant and Drenthe.

Aerial shot of Fort Everdingen part of Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie

We crisscross the Netherlands, past all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These places tell the unique story of our society and our eventful relationship with water.

Young woman bicycle on a wind blown dike in Holland, wind turbines in the background

Everyone cycles in the Netherlands – everywhere and all the time. Read our special cycling stories, meet cycling pioneers, and hop on a bike yourself to experience the Netherlands like a local.

Visitor among green flying furniture during Dutch Design Week

Want to know more about that curious phenomenon of Dutch Design? We can tell you everything you need to know and all the best places to go for the best Dutch Design experiences during your visit to the Netherlands.

Lady on bench in Westfries museum in Hoorn

Discover how the Netherlands became a world power in the 17th century with masterful painting, historic cities and scientific breakthroughs.

City of Rotterdam surrounded by greenery

Join us as we travel to the cities of tomorrow and discover how the Netherlands keeps innovating to make its cities greener, more sustainable, and more livable.

Discover The Netherlands in every season

Fall is the most beautiful time of year in the Netherlands. Read all about it here! More information about autumn

This is NL

Travel with us through stories about the Netherlands and delve into the Dutch identity. Explore our varied landscape with its distinctive waterways, iconic fields of flowers, sandy beaches and ancient forests. Follow in the footsteps of our very own titans of art and see their world-famous works. Discover how bicycles, windmills, cheese and architecture became rooted in our collective DNA.

Woman views painting The endangered swan at Rijksmuseum. Painted by Dutch artist Jan Asselijn ca. 1650

The iconic works of our Dutch Masters can be seen throughout the Netherlands. But where are the best places to see their work and learn more about these titans of art?

The windmills of Kinderdijk in the light of morning glory with a sunrise.

Curious about Dutch heritage? Take a look at this guide and be amazed by all the beauty our country has to offer.

Cyclist through the forest in autumn colors with reflection in the water

A guide filled with extraordinary places to enjoy nature in the Netherlands to the fullest.

DDW 2022 Centre Kazerne MagneticMoment

Forget windmills, tulips, and canals. This guide gives you an overview of the modern, progressive, and sustainable Netherlands as we know it today.

Red tulip field in Flevoland

Tips for seeing the most beautiful flowers in the Netherlands.

Couple bike along the Lauwersmeer

Where, when and how? We'll give you all the answers for the best cycling experience. What are the coolest places? How safe is it? Read all about it in this guide!

Aquaduct Veluwemeer, aerial view from the drone. A sailboat sails through the aqueduct on the lake above the highway.

Which location in the Netherlands best shows our national obsession with water? Which locations are not to be missed? Find out in this guide!

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Woman walks through the STRAAT Museum at the NDSM site in Amsterdam

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