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Holland is the place to go to be inspired by beautiful flowers. Visit Keukenhof, with over 7 million flower bulbs, the flower parades, the floating flower market in Amsterdam, or take a walk through the beautiful flower bulb fields.

Water flows through the lifes of the Dutch. A strong connection that was forged throughout history.

Holland is home to many great restaurants, excellent chefs and regional produce of high, internationally recognised quality. Taste and discover the pure, delicious and honest cuisine of Holland.

The Dutch Golden Age (17th century) was a period of great wealth for the Dutch Republic. Visit the many places in Holland that still reflect the riches of the Dutch Golden Age

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Discover how Zeeland oysters are raised and enjoyed.

Try the wonderful venison dishes and mushrooms in the Achterhoek.

Visit The Netherlands this autumn! Read the best tips why you should defintely celebrate your autumn holiday in The Netherlands.

Explore the nature and wildlife of the Veluwe and taste local produce in its renowned restaurants.

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