Grachtenzaal -
Hidden Secrets


Keizersgracht 102
1015CV Amsterdam

What happens if a venue (De Rode Hoed) and a boat touring company (Canal Company) put their creative minds together? A unique meeting location is born. Meet the Grachtenzaal, a swimming meeting location cruising the canals of Amsterdam.

  • Inspiring meeting location on the canals of Amsterdam
  • Change your delegates’ perspective (quite literally)
  • Anchoring ground in the heart of Amsterdam

Let’s meet – on the water!

It is almost a crime to visit Amsterdam and not take a cruise on one of the city’s 165 canals. Now you can combine this pleasure with business. The Grachtenzaal (Canal Hall) is a swimming meeting venue that will cruise through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam while your delegates talk business. A meeting on the Grachtenzaal will change your delegates’ perspective – quite literally!

Multipurpose meeting location

You can use the Grachtenzaal as breakout room during your convention, for a board meeting, a brainstorm session or pre-dinner drinks. Just to name a few! The Grachtenzaal is suitable for up to 60 delegates, depending on the seating arrangement:

Theatre: 60 delegates
Reception: 60 delegates
Board room: 30 delegates
U-setting: 27 delegates

Please note that the Grachtenzaal is only available in combination with one of De Rode Hoed’s other meeting spaces. Since the Grachtenzaal’s main anchoring ground is located in front of De Rode Hoed right in Amsterdam’s city centre, you can switch between locations without losing any time.

For more information please contact De Rode Hoed.

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