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Leiden is truly a city of science and culture. Ever since the first university of The Netherlands was founded here in 1575, international science and free thinking have flourished. Our city is home to the Leiden Bio Science Park, the largest concentration of Life Science research, education and business in the Netherlands. With thirteen museums – of which four national museums – everyone who visits Leiden will be challenged to remain curious.  

  • City of global scientific importance with the oldest university of the Netherlands.
  • Rich cultural heritage with over 3,000 monuments, 13 museums and famous sons like Rembrandt van Rijn.
  • A mere 15-minute train ride away from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Leiden is truly a city of sicence and culture. Ever since the foundation of the first university in The Netherlands in 1575, the quest for knowledge has been engrained in Leiden’s DNA. Walking through the historical city center, you will encounter Leiden’s rich cultural heritage at every corner. Our city is home to the Leiden Bio Science Park, the largest Life Science and Health Cluster in The Netherlands. 

Leiden Bioscience Park lab technicians at work

City of science and culture

In Leiden, science and culture always go hand in hand. Leiden is endowed with a rich cultural heritage as well as world-famous sons and daughters. Much of its treasure has been well-preserved and still enchants visitors today. Leiden is famous for its many intriguing museums, charming waterways and quaint courtyards with their historical alms-houses. Moreover, virtually all of it is within comfortable walking distance.

Monumental and modern venues

In Leiden, virtually all important conference locations, such as venues and hotels, are within walking distance of each other. This makes it possible for a conference to be organised not in one single venue, but often by combining several venues. Walking from one venue to the other means taking a beautiful stroll through the historic heart of the city, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by remarkable monuments.

In Naturalis LiveScience, you will meet our researchers and collection managers.

In Leiden, there is a big chance your scientific event will have a direct link to the cultural heritage of the city. The two grand churches of the city are often used as an impressive backdrop for big events. Moreover, the museums of Leiden play a double role: on the one hand they’re a cultural institution, while  on the other hand they’re a perfectly suitable venue for your event. 

Leiden's venues come in all varieties and sizes: from luxurious meeting facilities at hotels to beautiful foyers of Leiden’s museums, magnificent historical gothic churches, the oldest theatre in the Netherlands and the old University buildings. In Leiden, conferences for up to 2,500 delegates are possible.

Organise your conference in Leiden

Well accessible and compact city centre

The ecological footprint of congress and meeting participants is determined to a considerable degree by accessibility, the congress destination, the venue, catering and accommodation. Because of its favourable location, both nationally and internationally, Leiden has the edge. The city is close to major cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, all easily accessible by international rail connection. Furthermore, all the major points of interest and conference locations in Leiden are within walking distance.

Leiden Centraal

International journalists visit the Hortus Botanicus

In Leiden, the municipality is making a pro-active and diligent effort in pursuing and achieving the set Sustainable Development Goals. Together with the inhabitants of Leiden, the municipalityis working hard on creating a more sustainable, diverse and durable city for the future.In Leiden, the focus has been put on ‘Good Health and Well-being’ (3), ‘Quality Education’ (4),‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ (11) and ‘Partnerships for the Goals’ (17). 

The Leiden caterers have embraced the principles of sustainability. At the majority of congresses, vegetarian meals are the standard and meat or fish is offered as an option. Waste is minimal and only local or FairTrade ingredients are used. The result? Surprisingly tasty meals with locally sourced ingredients. 

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