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Key Industries in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is working hard to create integrated solutions for a wide range of global challenges across a variety of industries through partnerships between governments, corporations, researchers and universities.

The Dutch Approach: joining forces for thoughtful innovation.

The Dutch government has committed to a focus on nine key industries and maintaining a top-level engagement to help solve global challenges. The agenda is aligned with the development and cooperation of foreign trade while striving to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth at home, in developing countries and worldwide.

The goal is to create conditions and measures for inclusive growth to boost global efforts and achieve sustainable advancements in economic, social and environmental areas. Using extensive knowledge and experience working on projects from climate change to corporate social responsibility, the Netherlands is working to significantly contribute to sustainable and inclusive progress nationally as well as globally.

Global Challenges, Smart Solutions

The Netherlands excels worldwide in the following key industries:

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Agriculture & Food

Helping to solve one of the greatest global challenges is innovations in Agriculture and Food.

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Chemistry projects in the Netherlands create a wide range of solutions to overcome many global challenges.

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Creative Industries

Creativity is the key to help solving complex global issues.

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Energy modernization is transitioning the Netherlands to more sustainable systems.

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High Tech Systems and Materials

Advanced technological innovations help drive progress for many industries in the Netherlands.

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Life Science & Health

Cooperation between Scientific partners is generating leading health solutions.

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The Netherlands logistically moves commerce and the European economy.

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Peace, Justice & Security

The Netherlands, always working to protect human rights around the world.

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Adapting to climate change and managing water are top priorities in the Netherlands.