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Creativity lives in all of us. For centuries, the Netherlands has been known as a global creative center going back to the Dutch Masters. Today, creativity is a key driver of global innovation, not only delivering human-oriented solutions for societal challenges but creative problem solving to everyday life.

The art of collaboration

The Dutch creative industry ranks among the world's top international players for jobs, brands, patents and is the market leader in the export of creative services. Currently, the creative industry in the Netherlands is growing faster than the Dutch economy overall and that is a good indicator of the high level of innovation and new ideas being generated here. In order to sustain this level of impact, the Creative Industry has broadened the knowledge base of the creative professional and has expanded where that knowledge can be applied.

Masters in architecture, design, gaming and music, Dutch creative professionals are working across all sectors applying a wide range of input to help solve today‚Äôs problems with new creative thinking. What binds creative professionals is the ability to use creativity as a tool to build and add value. Dutch creative collaboration provides valuable contributions to solving issues such as urbanisation, healthcare, safety, water and energy security.  The creative industry brings together design-thinkers and doers from all over the world to catapult ideas into action.

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