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The Hague

The Hague is a top destination for conferences and business events. As the third-largest city in the Netherlands, it is home to several international organisations and offers a wide range of accommodations. With 65 world-class venues, a capacity of 4,000 attendees, and two international airports just 30 minutes away, The Hague is the ideal city to host your event. 

  • 78 hotels with approximately 4900 rooms.
  • World Forum Convention Center is located in the historic heart of the city.
  • Government city with 150 years of expertise in peace, justice and safety.

From Cyber Security to Impact Economy

The Hague, known as the International City of Peace and Justice, is a hub of talented individuals striving to create a safer and more just world. The city welcomes events related to new energy, finance, legal & policy, IT & technology, impact economy, and cyber security. With three distinct economic profiles, legal & policy capital, ImpactCity, and security delta, The Hague aims for innovation to improve society's security and justice.

Peace Palace The Hague
Robotics at OneConference (IT and Tech) The Hague

The Hague is a beloved city that captures the heart. It is a place of peace and justice where people work daily to build a better world. The cosmopolitan city has a beach, palaces, shops, and a mix of old and new styles. Visitors can explore international cuisine, fishing harbours, and enjoy local treats like 'stroopwafels' and 'Haagse Hopjes.' The Hague offers a wide range of experiences to discover and cherish.

The Hague is dedicated to promoting peace and justice with new technologies. Its guiding principle is to balance doing good with doing business, and tens of thousands of talented people work towards creating innovative solutions for a better, safer, and more just world. The city has taken a tech-for-good approach to its initiatives, with The Hague Humanity Hub serving as a unique platform for mutual inspiration, cooperation, and co-creation. The hub brings together corporations, non-profits, and international organisations. 

Local expertise of The Hague

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Energy modernization is transitioning the Netherlands to more sustainable systems.

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Peace, Justice & Security

The Netherlands, always working to protect human rights around the world.

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High Tech Systems and Materials

Advanced technological innovations help drive progress for many industries in the Netherlands.

Your ideal venue

With thousands of congress days planned in the past few years, The Hague has established itself as a premier location for hosting events of all kinds. With a business event capacity of over 4.000, you can rest assured that you'll have plenty of room to accommodate all your guests. But it's not just the volume of events that sets The Hague apart – it is in the quality of its venues.

Golden Room Mauritshuis
Innovation Quarter Jaarevent at The Hague

With more than 65 world - class venues to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect space to accommodate your event's unique needs. The Hague offers many venues ranging from World-Class Conference Centres to venues with an idyllic view over the North Sea. Whether you're looking for a grand ballroom, a modern conference centre, or something in between, The Hague has got you covered. 

Let's not forget about convenience. The Hague is located just 30 minutes away from not one, but two international airports (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Rotterdam - The Hague Airport), making it easy for your attendees to travel from anywhere in the world. 

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The City by the Sea

The Hague, one of the greenest cities in the world and also known as ‘The City by the Sea’, is the only Dutch city located directly at the coast. The Convention Bureau of The Hague & Partners has a strong commitment to sustainability, both social and environmental. The Hague aims to become climate-neutral by 2030, a decade earlier than the country's goal. The transition to renewable energy sources is a major step towards achieving global climate neutrality and reducing the city's carbon footprint.

Solar panels Fokker Terminal The Hague

Driving outside the city will reveal a landscape dotted with wind turbines. Additionally, at night, the bright blinking lights of an offshore wind farm can be seen from the beach in Scheveningen. The Hague boasts more solar panels than any other city in the country, with numerous solar panels visible on rooftops when viewed from high-rise buildings. The city's commitment to renewable energy sources is evident, and it is a model for other cities to follow. 
Many of The Hague's partners are actively improving their processes to adopt a more sustainable approach in the event industry. As a result, numerous venues in The Hague currently hold the Green Key Label of Excellence certificate. The Hague's venues live up to the highest sustainability standards, and event planners can choose from several eco-friendly options. The city's commitment to sustainability and its efforts towards achieving climate neutrality make it an excellent destination for environmentally conscious travellers and event planners. 
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