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Peace, Justice & Security

The Netherlands has a long reputation of stability and justice. Therefore, the country plays an active role in preventing armed conflict worldwide and strengthening international legal order by participating in peace missions while supporting reconstruction in post-conflict countries.

Every Person Counts

Human rights are the foundation of a democracy in which every person counts, in all places, at all times. The Netherlands strives to protect and promote human rights around the world. The development of international law is an integral part of the foreign policy of the Netherlands and is enshrined in the Dutch constitution.

A leading proponent of Human Rights, at home and abroad, the Netherlands supports freedom of speech, gender equality, and fair access to edu­cation, work and healthcare. The Dutch government strives to pro­tect and promote human rights everywhere. The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights is the home to the European Court of Human Rights.

As the legal capital of the world, The Hague, is the seat of many international legal organisations such as Europol, Eurojust, the International Court of Justice, the Inter­national Criminal Court and the International Criminal Tribunal of the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). The Hague also hosts the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons responsible for monitoring compliance with the ban on chemical weapons and their destruction.

Meet Jill

See how Jill Wilkinson, Managing Director of The Humanity Hub brings the world together in the Hague creating an ecosystem for the peace and justice sectors. Read more

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