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Category:Key Industries in the Netherlands

High Tech Systems and Materials

The High Tech Systems and Materials industry in the Netherlands offers modern, smart and innovative solutions for today’s global challenges and opportunities. From solving urgent challenges facing climate changes and the health crises to enhancing mobility and security the industry is working together to harness unique ways to inspire the world.

Tech that transforms lives

The Dutch have long been recognised as technology innovators. They invented the microscope, Bluetooth and wi-fi. Today, the Netherlands continues to pioneer new technologies.

HTSM in the Netherlands focuses on solving five societal challenges as part of its technology roadmap: health, security, climate (energy and water), mobility and sustainability (circular economy and food). Dutch HTSM companies are actively involved in international partnerships, such as the DISAC High Tech to Feed the World project, and the Innovative Medical Devices initiative, focusing on the optimization of surgical methods, home care and assistive devices. In Ghana, a Dutch public and private initiative developed a tracking software to battle tuberculosis and COVID-19.

Partnerships and open innovation are key to our success. Over 100 companies and institutions, such as Philips, NXP, IBM and Intel, work together to develop new ideas that are shared through strong regional and sectoral networks.

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