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As the climate changes, our energy supply must also change and adapt. Traditional fossil fuels for heat, electricity and transportation are making way for new and renewable energy sources. As the energy process evolves, the role and need for a decentralized energy supply is increasing and becoming much more crucial to our collective future.

Driving Force of Innovation

 The Energy industry in the Netherlands is working on the kind of modernization needed to make the transition to affordable, reliable, safe and sustainable energy systems possible. Several initiatives currently being worked on with encouraging progress and results include Bio-based Economy, Energy & Industry, New Gas, Urban Energy and Offshore Wind.

Inspired by these initiatives and the opportunities they create, the competitive position of the Netherlands to innovate becomes stronger as greater cooperation and idea sharing across industries takes place. Accelerating the energy transition through innovation will contribute to a more vital and sustainable society, where economic growth, social justice and a clean environment helps to ensure that people love to live and work in the Netherlands while contributing to a cleaner global environment.

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