The Netherlands provides high-quality logistics services through its automated, high-tech, ports, modern electrified rail network, well-maintained roads and waterways. They serve a multitude of industries from agri-food to medical technology. Many international logistics distributors locate here due to the close proximity of logistic centres and rapid 24-hour access to 170 million European consumers plus access to another 244 million further afield.

Leading Logistics with Connectivity

The Netherland’s strategic location, positioned on Europe’s west coast, makes it ideal for leading logistics operations to facilitate the flow of goods throughout Europe. With outstanding global transportation hubs like Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the world’s 3rd largest in air cargo transport, the infrastructure is in place to serve as the gateway to Europe.

Schiphol is using innovative technical solutions to reduce its CO2 footprint with automated baggage handling systems, electric transport and aviation biofuels. The Rotterdam port has been a pivotal marine infrastructural point in Europe since the 13th century and is a global leader in the field of sustainability.

According to the DHL Global Connectedness Index, the Netherlands is the world’s most connected country. The key components of this innovative and connective value chain are well established transportation supply links and efficient customs procedures. Speed, sustainability and safety are the core values of logistic operations in the Netherlands. The industry is increasingly adopting sustainable technologies to reduce its CO2 footprint in support of local and global efforts.

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