© Valerie Kuypers via Mediatheek Rijksoverheid
The Netherlands is working together with national and international partners to face the challenge of providing healthy, safe and tasteful food to 9 billion people including those that are starving or lack proper nutrition. As an international market leader with high productivity, innovation and efficient processing, the goal continues to be the development of new solutions to reduce the use of raw materials, energy and pesticides. 

Leading the Way  

Worldwide, Dutch agriculture has the lowest impact on the environment for climate and biodiversity per kilogram of food. However, we are not stopping there and further improvement is not only necessary, it is possible. Additional attention is being paid to developing climate neutral, sustainable and robust production systems, where circularity and reuse of waste and by-products is important. Plus, greater consideration has been realized for encouraging animal welfare. 

As the second largest exporter of food in the world, with over 25% of the world’s largest food and beverages producers having sites or R&D activities here, the Netherlands plays a crucial role in delivering global progress. 

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