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The world will always be faced with significant challenges and that is why the chemistry industry in the Netherlands is such an important part of the future. This is where multiple technologies are being delivered to drive the innovations necessary to overcome challenges that face our climate, food production, circularity, mobility and health.

Pushing the boundaries of chemistry

For decades, the Dutch chemistry industry has succeeded in pushing the boundaries to develop new, leading edge solutions. Some of the areas of innovation include the advancement of bio-based products, improvements to food products and the expansion of solar cell materials.

These are just a few of the evolving fields that have become extremely important as raw materials decline, global consumption increases and where commerce is at odds with nature. Complex challenges like this give the chemistry industry in the Netherlands increased motivation to push further and exceed the expectations of possibilities.

Based on international cooperation, the industry works in partnership with a rich infrastructure to implement shared learning. For example, shared learning between chemistry and energy benefits several technical areas like process conversion synthesis, chemical sensing and enabling technologies, advanced materials and molecular life. Understanding these areas unlocks unlimited possibilities and breakthroughs that effect people today and for generations to come.

How does Dutch Chemistry contribute to global challenges?

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