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Photo: TivoliVredenburg

A new music venue and business platform for everyone

In 2014, Utrecht will be one multifunctional music platform the richer, because then, TivoliVredenburg will open her doors. It's a music venue with 5 multifunctional halls and spaces for various musical genres and events.

Besides the use for concerts the halls are also well suited for corporate meetings. TivoliVredenburg has a total floor surface of 31,500 m2, of which 60% is taken up by the five hall floors. The spaces between the halls are in fact a sixth hall, that can be used as a meeting point, catering zone or trade fair. Apart from that the various rooms can be used for smaller gatherings, or as breakout rooms during conventions. The building contains 26 large dressing rooms that can be converted quickly, just like the halls. In spite of the large total floor surface of the building, the visitor will not feel lost in TivoliVredenburg because a great deal of attention was paid to the intimate character of the halls. The distance between the various stages and the visitors was kept as short as possible. In the pop music hall, for instance, the distance between the stage and the visitor in the very back of the hall is even shorter than 20 meters.

About TivoliVredenburg

Crossover hall (600 persons), Chamber music hall (544 persons), Jazz hall (250-400 persons), Jazz club (175 persons), Pop hall (2,000 persons), various lobbies (up to 200 persons), grand café, restaurant, 26 dressing rooms, centrally located in the Netherlands, excellent public transport facilities, large underground logistics center, 2 artists' lobbies.

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