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Holland is fun

If Holland were a man, he would have a thousand faces. Holland offers you the North Sea beaches and the quiet forests of the Veluwe, in the very heart of the country. You can attend a conference in the bustling heart of Amsterdam, yet within 30 minutes you can fi nd yourself dining in a quiet chateau along the river. Holland is known for its mixed traditional landmarks from windmills and cheese markets to fringe art festivals and modern ballet. You can wander through the heath or withstand the wind on Zeeland’s dykes. And yes, even in the summer and even in this flat country you may venture snowboarding from steep hills.

Melting pot

Holland houses people from 190 different countries. This explains the extreme variety of restaurants and cuisines. Because of Holland’s colonial past, Asian cuisine is popular, especially Indonesian delicacies. But there is more. Even in the smallest villages you will fi nd Chinese restaurants or Italian pizzerias. The Dutch indulge in Thai food, Spanish tapas, French cuisine or Indian Tandoori. Also, The Netherlands has a high culinary offer boasting no fewer than 114 Michelin stars. 

Did you know...

Holland has more than 750 museums. to name just a few:

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