Erik Scherder -

Erik Scherder

Erik Scherder is professor of Clinical Neuropsychology and head of the department of the same name at the VU University in Amsterdam. He is also professor of Human Movement Sciences at the University of Groningen. Both universities awarded him the education prize, partly determined by students. He is described as an enthusiastic speaker, his research focuses in particular on the positive effects of movement on the functioning of our brain. Erik Scherder also gave a series of 3 lectures at the DWDD University on the brain. He won the VU Education Prize several times.

In addition to the theme of movement, Scherder is also interested in the influence of music on various cognitive processes. For example, he was involved in a study into the influence of music lessons on children's intellectual skills and a study into the influence of rap music on adolescents' emotions. He also spoke about this subject during a lecture for the University of the Netherlands and special "concert lectures" in, among others, the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. In 2017, he also published a book on this subject with the title “Singing in the brain”.

Erik Scherder will take us inside the brain and explain why and how music has a positive effect on us. But also how music can be used for the treatment of people suffering from Alzheimers or a cerebral infarction.

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