Get the latest scoops at the NRC Restaurant Café -

Get the latest scoops at the NRC Restaurant Café

The publisher of one of Holland's main national newspapers recently opened the NRC Restaurant Café. Restaurants and bars have always been the places where news is shared and discussions take place. In this particular restaurant everything is 'media', from the menu to the headlines on the screens, and from the views of the editors’ offices to the multimedia ceiling.

Located at Rokin 65, in the heart of Amsterdam and close to Dam Square, the restaurant is open daily from 8 a.m. to 12 midnight. You will meet the newspaper's employees whose cafeteria this is. It is an inspiring environment in which lectures and presentations are given regularly by editors.

Transparency is what the NRC daily is all about, and when you look up you can see the journalists at work. Look even higher and you will see an ever-changing projection of news pictures from the archives displayed on the ceiling.

In addition to the restaurant which seats 220, there are two beautiful meeting rooms for up to 14 persons, and the Opinion & Debate Room for larger groups. This is also a great location for your group to have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Be warned. Proceed at your own risk and be careful with confidential information, as you will mingle with a special breed of people, always on the look-out for the latest scoop.

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