Meetings & Conventions in The Netherlands -

Meetings & Conventions in The Netherlands

Dutch meetings and conventions industry platform

NBTC has an excellent platform to support anybody who wants to organise international meetings and conventions in the Netherlands. Co-operation between NBTC and the conventions industry makes it possible for the Dutch conventions industry to respond efficiently to the wishes of convention organisers in the Netherlands and other countries. After all, NBTC is here to help you find the facilities and companies best able to meet your wishes and requirements.

So, what can NBTC do for you?

We provide advice on all aspects of organising an international conference in every phase of the organisational process:

  • We put you in touch with the right partners in the Netherlands: with your counterpart, convention facilities, PCOs and service providers like audiovisual companies. We will be pleased to arrange a curtain-raising visit for you if the Netherlands is a serious option as a venue for your event.

  • We give you tips about the Dutch way of doing business and about matters like the national culture, infrastructure and economy.

  • We provide financial advice about the Prefinancing & Guarantee Fund of the Dutch conventions industry. We will explain in detail how VAT works in the Netherlands.

  • We organise a range of activities abroad so that you can get to know us and form an initial impression of the Netherlands. We are represented at major international trade fairs.

  • We keep accurate records of when and where international conventions are being held in the Netherlands. You will find this information on the website or in our International Conventions Calendar

We will be pleased to answer your questions on any subject, about small or large meetings and conventions, guest speakers and multimedia facilities. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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