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Photo: Slot Doddendael

Special meetings at the idyllic Slot Doddendael

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Slot Doddendael is a small and charming medieval castle. It is located in the Land van Maas en Waal near Nijmegen, close to the German border.

Probably built around 1330 and named after the cat’s tails that grew abundantly in the nearby marshes, Doddendael House has had a rich history. Over the centuries it often changed ownership and was used as a fortress during periods. Burned down several times, the heavy hull walls stood fast and formed the basis for every reconstruction. The castle has been available for meetings for several decades.

Planners looking for a special and attractive environment for their meeting, dinner or event, should check out Slot Doddendael. An idyllic place, with its moat, orchard and gardens. You will feel the atmosphere of days long gone, combined with the comfort and high-level service of current times. Ample free parking space and Wi-Fi access is available throughout the building.

Doddendael is very well suited for meetings and small conferences, from 10 to 225 people. The entire castle may be used for product presentations and receptions, for up to 650 guests.
Despite Holland's rainy reputation, there are still a surprising amount of days that are excellent for outdoor events. Explore the surrounding garden of the castle, the courtyard and even the meadows themselves for an out-of-the-ordinary outdoor event setting. The courtyard may even be covered with tents if you like.



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