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ZIN (Sense) is situated in a tranquil area on the edge of the village of Vught in the province of North Brabant. This former monastery, with additional modern architecture, is now a conference hotel with an open and quirky character. The atmosphere of monastic life was preserved. and the glass facades provide a connection with nature. Long sightlines across the property create a sense of space.

The quality of simplicity is manifest in the eight rooms and 39 hotel rooms. If you want to get away from all earthly luxury to take your meeting to the essence of being, this is the perfect location.

To increase the effectiveness of your day, ZIN encourages its guests to embrace the monastic rhythm. This yields inspiring conversations, and the finding of answers to questions that matter. Guests can relax, become absorbed in the atmosphere, discover, and develop individually, and as a group.
Kloosterhotel ZIN facilities include rooms for single or multi-day conferences, meetings, training programmes, summer courses, and retreats. This is where people meet.

Not just the simplicity, the creative aspect also contributes to successful meetings. ZIN has art, and art has meaning. Art requires us to constantly interpret reality. We must regularly revise and recreate what we are accustomed to, in order to establish new values. An extensive collection of art on loan contributes to this. Art is not just decoration at ZIN, it has a purpose.

ZIN sets great store by personal attention, and serves delicious, 100% organic dishes. ZIN is a charitable company, which is not only reflected in its approach to sustainable and organic cuisine, but also in its employment of people with disabilities, where possible, the so-called ZIN Team. Their work ethic and openness are contagious, and will add a special touch to your meeting day.
In monastery hotel ZIN you meet in a sustainable environment.


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