Financial security for your international conference -

Financial support for your congress

If you intend to organise a conference, you will have to deal with various financial aspects. The Pre-financing & Guarantee Fund (VGF) was set up to take away the financial concerns of conference organisers.
Even before you receive the registration fees, you have to incur costs. For setting up a foundation, for example, for a deposit for the accommodation, and for making brochures or creating a website. In addition, it is uncertain whether the numbers of attendees will meet with your expectations. The VGF helps conference organisers to cover pre-conference expenses and other financial risks.

Why VGF?

We offer you:

  • An interest-free loan of up to € 90,000, free of charge, to meet your initial costs
  • A guarantee for up to € 90,000 to set off losses due to attendance falling short of expectations
  • The possibility to use both schemes separately, or in combination

Are you eligible?

These are the main terms and conditions:

  • Your conference must be an international event in Holland that lasts several days
  • The application must be submitted well in advance of the conference
  • The applicant must submit a budget or provisional budget
  • In case of a guarantee a 2.5% premium applies

More information?

All terms and conditions, the full application procedure, and more information about the VGF, are featured on

“Using the VGF scheme gave us the much-needed financial backing for the organisation of our international conference”

Hans H. Horsting, Secretary of the Foundation 25th International Congress of Vexillology in Rotterdam


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