Amsterdam Airport Schiphol -
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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

When you are paying a visit to the Netherlands it is highly likely that you will be travelling via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of the few airports where you can still find everything you need under one roof. Schiphol was once again named best airport in Europe this year and does everything within its power to make your departure and arrival as pleasant as possible. 
Evert van de Beekstraat 202
1118CP Schiphol
Visit the website

You can arrange all the details of your visit on the official Schiphol website. The site offers you the possibility to take out an insurance policy, book an airline ticket, hotel, rental car or Schiphol Travel Taxi. It also contains real-time flight information, advice on where to park, maps, information about checking in, baggage, customs and passport control, all the airlines, catering establishments, business facilities, and much more.

Shopping and Relaxation

When you leave from Schiphol it is important for you to get to the airport at least two hours before departure. There is plenty for you to do in that time. You can shop in the See Buy Fly shopping centre at tax-free prices. Moreover you can take advantage of the keenly priced Special Offers. In the shopping centre you will find a large range of branded items specially tailored to the wishes of an international clientele. Fashion and jewellery by top designers, cosmetics, perfume, books and magazines but also typically Dutch products such as bulbs and delftware. You can go to one of the many wonderful bars and restaurants at Schiphol and have a cup of coffee, roll or extensive meal. And how about a massage to ensure that you feel rested and relaxed at the start of your journey? Schiphol even has a meditation centre, sauna and showers. You should also consider paying a visit to the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schiphol. This museum is situated beyond passport control and admission is free of charge.


Schiphol is situated very centrally in the Netherlands and is not far from Amsterdam. You can easily take a train or bus from here to the place where you are going to be staying. Of course, there are always plenty of taxis available as well. The Schiphol Travel Taxi fares (combined journey) are very reasonable. There are plenty of parking facilities but if you would prefer to have your own transport throughout your stay, then just go to one of the car rental companies on Schiphol Plaza.

Easy access for the disabled

Do you have difficulty walking and do you require a wheelchair or do you have difficulty hearing the announcements? The staff of the IHD organisation are always ready to assist you at Schiphol. They will help you get to and from the plane if you have difficulty walking or if your eyesight is impaired. The airport is equipped with a hearing loop and lifts and travellators to help you on your way to the Gate.

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