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Photo: © Juri Hiensch


Utrecht – the heart of Holland. Utrecht offers a unique blend of big-city life with a small-town feel. Its beautiful surroundings, historical features and historical inner city, but first and foremost its welcoming inhabitants who share an attitude that breathes tolerance and hospitality, will surely get you in touch with the heart of Holland.

Let’s meet in Utrecht

Accessibility of Utrecht

Utrecht is highly accessible by all kinds of transportation.

Facts & Figures of Utrecht

A resume of all Utrecht’s most important facts & figures.

After your meeting in Utrecht

Enjoy the canals of Utrecht at one of the terraces or spend the day in one of the great museums.

Hidden Secrets of Utrecht

Have a look at a few of Utrecht’s non-traditional, outside the box venues.

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Venues in Utrecht

Fort Voordorp

Meet in the historical monument of Fort Voordorp in the heart of Holland.


A venue fit for inspiring and creative business events.


The centrally located city of Utrecht has a unique and very exclusive new top meeting venue within its borders.

Centraal Ketelhuis

This recently renovated historic industrial building could be a great venue for an intimate business meeting.

Paviljoen Makeblijde

Ignite your delegates´ inspiration and creativity during an inspiring walk in the surroundings of this beautiful pavilion. Feel in harmony with nature and give a positive boost to your meeting outcomes.

The Cigar Factory

The Sigarenfabriek is the perfect place to meet in style.

Hofstede De Nieuwe Donck

Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, find peace and inspiration in the tranquillity offered by a traditional Dutch farm.

Villa Jongerius

A charming gem from the 1930s has been restored to bring a new international standard to Utrecht.

Hilversum Media Park

Hilversum Media Park is the heart of Holland’s TV and movie scene.

Luno Meeting Center

The Luno Meeting Center is one of Holland’s little known gems.

Het Glazen Huis

Het Glazen Huis (The Glass House) is much more than just a pleasant meeting place in a beautiful location.

Het Klaslokaal

A small but beautiful and unique venue, situated in a monumental public school that dates from 1881, right in the heart of Utrecht.

Het Nut

An 18th-century building, rich in history, can be exclusively yours if you book your meeting at 'Het Nut' (‘The Purpose').