Water Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the pulsating estuarine region of the Meuse and Rhine rivers. Once that meant living between hope and fear. But for years now, Rotterdam has been bending the delta region to its will.

Where lies the expertise?

Where is this sector represented in the Rotterdam area?

Conference facilities in Rotterdam

Conference facilities in Rotterdam from A to Z.

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The completion of the ultra-modern port area Maasvlakte 2 is just the latest showcase for land reclamation. The techniques, which have been developed here are shared and applied worldwide. The same goes for other leading Rotterdam areas of expertise, such as maritime industry, ship-building, offshore activities and maritime services. Rotterdam thinks water, but sometimes it goes against the flow.

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Tour of the city

Rotterdam is a young, dynamic, global city with a fast-beating heart. A city that continues to reinvent itself at a rapid pace.

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