De Doelen ICC Rotterdam

De Doelen is a world-famous concert hall and a state-of-the-art convention venue in the city centre of Rotterdam. This combination renders de Doelen by far the largest of its kind in the Netherlands.
De Doelen has the ambition to enrich people's lives and inspire them by bringing them together in a welcoming environment to share music and knowledge. De Doelen plays an essential role for the Rotterdam population and holds a special place as a Rotterdam iconic and historical meeting place.

De Doelen’s core activity is programming and presentation of live music on the one hand and facilitating meetings for knowledge sharing on the other hand; de Doelen hosts more than 1,000 events annually including some 500 concerts of various genres. De Doelen annually welcomes over half a million visitors and is truly a place where everyone feels welcome.

De Doelen is located in the heart of Rotterdam, next to the Central Station, surrounded by shops, public buildings, cultural institutions, entertainment and business offices. All this makes De Doelen a significant player for the cultural and business world, in Rotterdam and far beyond.

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