Meaningful dialogue at Dialogues House -

Meaningful dialogue at Dialogues House

Dialogues House was developed for public meetings, initiated by one of Holland's largest banks, ABN AMRO, in 2007. With a mission to 'create valuable and meaningful encounters to jointly reach new heights', Dialogues House aims to stimulate good ideas and good energy. This will yield new perspectives and initiatives for both the banking sector and society.

Dialogues House organizes its own lectures, workshops, and master classes, while the various rooms may be rented for your meetings. The state-of-the-art facilities and inspiring and innovative nature of the rooms are conducive to creativity.

Each of the rooms has its own inspiring setting that suits a range of needs and meeting objectives. Some areas are designed to encourage an open dialogue, to stimulate creativity, to act as a real 'pressure cooker' room, perfectly suited for decision-making. Whatever the purpose of your meeting, there is undoubtedly a room and set-up that fully supports your objectives.

Having drawn from its own workshops, the location has an extensive network of specialists who can support your teams with various topics, such as trend-watching, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

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