Khotinsky Dordrecht

Energiehuis and Khotinsky new hotspot for informal meetings

Feb. 13, 2013

On the edge of the downtown Stadswerven-area in the city Dordrecht, the former power plant recently reopened as the Energiehuis. The plant dating from 1905 and the adjacent mill are the remains of the industrial period of the early 20th century.

With respect to the original industrial feel of the building, over the past years the plant was transformed into a new cultural hotspot for the city. Again there is a lot of energy that can be felt in the complex, now in its new role as the 'House of the Performing Arts'. 

The location is also a perfect backdrop for meetings, functions and events, offering studios and auditoriums as well as several smaller meeting rooms. 

Central to the complex, the new grand café | bar | bistro Khotinsky opened its doors. Khotinsky will be the new 'place to be' with a unique atmosphere, becoming the meeting place for the locals and the creative businesses situated in the Energiehuis. The name was inspired by Achilles The Khotinksy, a Russian inventor and pioneer who brought the light bulb to Holland and wanted to enrich the world with his ideas. And that again matches with the vision of the Energiehuis.

Organisers of meetings and events will find an inspiring environment for their more informal meetings. And thanks to the cultural function, there is always something to do, both during and after business hours. 

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