Roderik van Grieken

The programme of the Holland Association Symposium will be guided by the professional hands of our moderator and debater Roderik van Grieken. Roderik van Grieken is founder and director of the Nederlands Debat Instituut. He advises companies and governments on designing interactive programmes for conferences, symposia, meetings and other events, on a weekly basis. In addition, he is a popular moderator and discussion leader in the Netherlands and abroad.

In addition, Roderik is a highly requested analyst for political debates on radio and television and he regularly publishes on the quality of public debate. Moreover, he writes debate related columns for Volkskrant and wrote two books. Here you can find an overview of Roderiks appearances in the media. Roderik regularly advises on the creation of TV-shows that focus on debate. He was the architect of the party leader debate on RTL4 and BNR, during the elections; the “Carrédebat.” Furthermore, every year, he awards a politician with the “Debatprijs” for best debater, during the ”Algemene Politieke Beschouwingen” in The Hague.

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