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Discover the European Capital of Culture Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018

Leeuwarden, in partnership with Friesland, is the European Capital of Culture 2018. This year will be our opportunity to stand out from the crowd, to boldly and proudly follow our dream. With Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018 we will use the rapidly changing world around us to emerge stronger together. How will we celebrate modern Frisian life whilst at the same time leaving behind a healthy planet for generations to come? And how can we involver neighboring countries? All will be revealed in 2018.

A glimpse of what to expect

The finalised programme for Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018 will be announced in the autumn of 2017. In advance of that announcement we are thrilled to give you a glimpse of what lies in store.

Mata Hari Expo

In 2017, a century after her death, the Fries Museum will pay tribute to one of the most famous and exotic dancers in the world, Mata Hari. The large, comprehensive exhibition, shows that everyone is still intrigued by the Leeuwarden girl that was executed by the French.

Sense of Place

Sense of Place combines art with the Wadden Sea; scientists with painters. The art projects within Sense of Place defy the conventional adjustments in the landscape.

Oranjewoud Festival

Music within a blossoming landscape –the Royal Woods create a perfect harmony. Oranjewouds stunning scenery and rich history is unified by classical music and is the backdrop to this festival. Royal Woods perfectly intertwines a high-quality international music programme with an accessible community festival for everyone to enjoy.

Tall Ship Races & The Sea! The Sea!

The international literature festival The Sea! The Sea! Will have one of the most beautiful stages possible: why? Because the multi-day festivities will set its sails and ride the waves with the Tall Ship Races, finishing in the harbour town Harlingen.

11 Fountains

In spring, the Eleven Frisian Cities fountains will be revealed. They are designed by eleven international top artists. The contemporary art will be one of the top tourist attractions in Friesland, even after 2018. What is special is that during the design process, every artist was inspired by the residents and historical background of each city.

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