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Cycling route Along dikes, windmills and pumping stations (76 km)

On this route, you will experience the life of the Dutch with the water. You will cycle past the large lakes, across dikes, past windmills, pumping stations and museums and visit historic Zuiderzee towns in North Holland.

  • See the difference in water levels at Oosterdijk dike: more than 60% of Holland lies below sea level
  • Experience life around the Zuiderzee area in the open-air museum in Enkhuizen
  • Travel back from Medemblik in an authentic steam tram

Keeping dry feet

Along the way, you will among others pass the Grote Molen (Great Windmill) that helped keep the land dry of the encroaching waters of the Zuiderzee sea in the 17th century. Eventually, this job was taken over by pumping stations, such as De Drieban pumping station, which is part of the route. So is the steam-powered pumping station Vier Noorder Koggen in Medemblik, which today serves as a steam engine museum.

Gorgeous vistas

This route will also take you across the West-Frisian Omringdijk. This dike is one of the most famous in North Holland; 126 kilometers long, it meanders through the landscape in many places. Admire the splendid view of Markermeer lake from the top of this dike.

Dutch water management

If you are interested in learning more about Dutch water management, be sure to take a look at the Koopmanspolder. It is a testing ground for the water management of the future, as well as a beautiful nature reserve for birds.

Tasty stops

In many of the villages along the way, such as Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik, you will find excellent restaurants in beautiful buildings. Make a stop to enjoy a snack, lunch or dinner in an atmospheric environment.


  • Number of kilometers: 76
  • Cycling nodes: 59, 62, 80, 9, 10, 47, 28, 30, 14, 15, 16, 57, 74, 90, 63, 69, 73, 54, 87, 86, 60
  • Starting and ending point: Hoorn Station, Stationsplein 1, 1621 HX, Hoorn

The addresses you will pass along the way

  • De Grote Molen: Zuiderdijk 57, 1697 KL, Schellinkhout
  • De Drieban pumping station: Zuiderdijk 7, 1606 ME, Venhuizen
  • Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen: Wierdijk 12-22, 1601 LA, Enkhuizen, T +31 (0)228 351 111
  • Koopmanspolder: Dijkweg, 1619 JV , Andijk
  • Stoommachinemuseum (Steam Engine Museum): Oosterdijk 4, 1671 HJ Medemblik, +31 (0)227 544 732
  • Stramstation Museumstoomtram (Museum Steam Tram): Dam 2, 1671 AW Medemblik (Connexxion bus station), T +31 (0)229 255 255
  • Medemblik jetty for Friesland ferry: Dam 2, 1671 AW Medemblik (Connexxion bus station), +31 (0)229 255 255
  • Enkhuizen jetty for Friesland ferry: Tritondam 5 (across from train station), 1601 GT Enkhuizen, +31 (0)229 255 255

Cycling node network

Find out how simply Holland’s cycling note network works here.

Editors’ tip

In Enkhuizen or Medemblik, you can also step aboard the historic ferry Friesland for a tour across IJsselmeer lake. Naturally, you’re allowed to bring your bike!

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