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Cycling route ‘de Eilandenroute’ (42 km)

Cycle through a unique area that used to be part of the Zuiderzee sea and discover the history of the unique former islands of Schokland and Urk.

  • Find out why Schokland was the first Dutch monument to be declared UNESCO World Heritage.
  • See the tiny alleys, or ginkies, of Urk.
  • Enjoy some fresh fish by the gorgeous harbour of Urk.

Peace, Quiet and Space

Grab your bike and take a wonderful cycling trip through one of Flevoland’s oldest areas, the former island of Schokland. Because it used to be too swampy and bare for agriculture, the people of Schokland moved to the mainland, leaving the island nearly uninhabited. However, after the reclamation of the Zuiderzee, Schokland was no longer an island, and it is now a gorgeous, peaceful nature reserve.

Splendid Schokland

Schokland symbolises the battle that the Dutch are still fighting with the waters. Today, Schokland is an island that rises above the polder. A gorgeous and unique piece of nature and culture, which was the first Dutch monument to be declared UNESCO World Heritage, and with good reason.

Ginkies tour

Due to the reclamation of the Noordoostpolder, both Urk and Schokland became what one might call islands on dry land. Beautiful villages with small houses in a labyrinth of alleys, or ginkies, as the people of Urk call them. While there, don’t forget to take a look at the Vissersmonument (Fisher’s Monument), a memorial to the fishermen who never came home. If you’ve worked up an appetite along the way, you really should enjoy some delicious fresh fish at Visrestaurant De Kaap (address: Wijk 1, no. 5 Urk). And if you’re not in the mood to cycle any further, you’ll have no difficulties spending the night here.

Practical information

Number of kilometers: 42

Nodes:  75-47-85-39-68-02-36-25-86-77-16-01-11-56-94-26-10-52-98-37-21-87-37-75

Starting point: you can start this route at the following nodes: node 75 (Museum Schokland, Middelbuurt 3, Schokland), node 98 (Museum Nagele, Ring 23, Nagele) and node 36 (Haventerrein Urk, Burg. J. Schipperskade 2, Urk).

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