Dutch Delicacies

Treat yourself to some of Holland’s most delicious delicacies! Across the country you will find a mouth-watering selection of local specialties that are too good to miss.

  • Taste “white gold” from April to June.
  • Enjoy a fragrant Indonesian rice table.
  • Snack on New Dutch herring in June.

White asparagus

Taste the white asparagus in spring! However, the window to sample this “white gold” is only a short two months from April to June. Head to the asparagus capital, Limburg where you can discover how the vegetable is cultivated and harvested.

Indonesian rice table

Holland has many historical ties with Indonesia, these ties have also influenced the country’s culinary offering throughout the years. Ask any local and they will say that Indonesian food in Holland is just as good as in Indonesia! In The Hague you will find many Indonesian restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious traditional rice table, with a variety of sides such as vegetables, fish and meat.

New Dutch herring

Discover the most iconic Dutch snack from early June onwards. The raw herring is sold as a quick bite from market stalls and enjoyed either on its own, with chopped onions and pickles or on a soft white roll.

Bossche Bol

This chocolate-covered cream pastry from Den Bosch is a must-try! You can find them in most café’s and restaurants in the area and are delicious with a cup of thee or coffee. However, at bakery Jan de Groot you will taste the city’s oldest Bossche Bol recipe.

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