The Noordbrabants Museum celebrates 125 years of inspiration in 2015 with Van Gogh 125.


November 13, 2014

In 2015 it will be exactly 125 years since Vincent van Gogh passed away. Along with approximately thirty national and international institutes, Het Noordbrabants Museum is seizing this moment to honour Vincent van Gogh surrounding the theme ‘125 years of inspiration’. During this commemorative year the biggest artist Brabant ever produced will be the theme of various exhibitions. From the 24th January 2015 onwards Het Noordbrabants Museum will present design from home grown Brabant talent under the title Design from the Country of The Potato Eaters. And from the 21st February onwards the exhibition Hockney, Picasso, Tinguely and other highlights from the Kunstsammlung Würth will draw specific attention to David Hockney, whose work clearly shows affinity with Van Gogh. Additionally, next year the series of exhibitions, collectively known as Brabant Originals, will offer a platform for young talented artists from Brabant inspired by Van Gogh’s visual language and legacy. In autumn 2015 there will be two Van Gogh related exhibitions on show at the same time.

Design from the Country of The Potato Eaters
24 January – 26 April 2015

Brabant is not only the land of Van Gogh, it is also a design hotspot of international repute. The work of the famous artist gives cause to look at Brabant design from another perspective in the exhibition Design from the land of potato eaters - designers meet Van Gogh. Three well-known themes from Van Gogh’s works produced in Brabant – the simple life, farmland and nature – form a guide for the selection consisting of approximately 85 extraordinary objects and products. Yksi Ontwerp from
Eindhoven will put the exhibition together on authority of the Noordbrabants Museum. The designers include several illustrious names, such as Maarten Baas, Studio Job and Piet Hein Eek, but also promising, recently graduated designers.

David Hockney
21 February - 17 May 2015

The Noordbrabants Museum, working closely together with the Sammlung Würth, will exhibit a selection of more than sixty highlights from their special collection in the exhibition Hockney, Picasso, Tinguely and other highlights from the Kunstsammlung Würth.

One room will be completely dedicated to recent landscape pieces by David Hockney, who work recently caused a furore in London and Cologne. These monumental pieces together portray the four seasons of the year in Hockney’s beloved Yorkshire. With the loose application of paint and use of colours the work refers to one of Hockney’s major sources of inspiration: Vincent van Gogh. “Van Gogh guarantees you will see the world around you slightly more intense. He was capable of drawing anything and making it captivating”, according to Hockney.
This exhibition will allow you to get acquainted with the results of Hockney’s own intense experience with the ‘endless variation of nature’.

Two times Van Gogh in the autumn
3 October 2015 - 10 January 2016

Two exhibitions will be held in the autumn 2015 to honour the Van Gogh Inspiration Year. The paintings of the permanent presentation of Het Noordbrabants Museum, together with several loan works, are going to be presented in the temporary exhibition Van Gogh From Own Collection. The exhibition focuses on Van Gogh’s development as an artist in Brabant. In the same period the Where Is Van Gogh? exhibition will take a closer look at Van Gogh’s visual language as it appears in modern times. This event will focus on education, applied art and design. It is hard to imagine popular culture without Van Gogh. His image and reproductions of his work can be seen on all kind of products. From towels to pencils to sweets, there is more Van Gogh than you think. Various opinions and emotions that are linked to the painter will be examined. How has Van Gogh become a commodity and what does that mean for him, for us and for art?

About Het Noordbrabants Museum

With sparkling exhibitions and a broad programme, Het Noordbrabants Museum displays the richness of Brabant’s art, history and culture. Everything can be seen here: ancient art as well as Dutch design, works by Vincent van Gogh as well as a vintage DAF car. The museum is located in the heart of historic ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Brabant.

Original works by Vincent van Gogh

Het Noordbrabants Museum is the only location in Brabant where actual paintings by Van Gogh can be viewed. The new presentation of Van Gogh in The Story of Brabant opens with nine paintings by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) stemming from his Brabant period (except for the Paris Self Portrait with Pipe). They tell the story of the origins of the artist in Brabant and his great fascination for country life. To him this equaled real life.