Spending the night in a tent in nature
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Spending the night in nature

Have you ever spent the night on a desert island, in a nomadic tent, or a ‘food forest’? Sleeping surrounded by nature is also a bit of an adventure. Gaze at the stars and awaken to the sound of bird singing… Check out these 5 unique accommodations throughout the Netherlands, all on the edge or in the middle of wild nature.

  • Spend the night in the middle of a meadow or on your own desert island.
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet.
  • Whether you are looking for a cottage, a hotel, or a camping ground, these are our favorites.

Room with a view: in a Frisian meadow

Ten separate 'hotel cubes' take pride of place in the wide-open green meadows. Each contains a single luxury hotel room with lots of privacy and an unencumbered view. The interior of the extraordinary hotel rooms-with-a-view is stylish and luxurious. Experience the outdoor feeling in every season thanks to the huge glazed wall. The central building, a traditional Frisian farm, serves food and drinks from early in the morning until late at night at the Bib Gourmand WeidumerHout restaurant.

Like a nomad on a desert island

In the middle of the Veluwemeer lake is a small island. On this desert island, you will spend the night in a cozy authentic tipi or safari tent or the Mongolian Bedouin tent. You will be camping in beautiful nature without having to lug camping supplies around. You will get there with a small boat and there is a small organic herb garden on the island that is freely accessible to guests.

Hoens Huusie: in the Weerribben Wieden nature reserve near Giethoorn

Sleep in a box-bed, explore the area in a Canadian canoe, and enjoy a relaxing bath in the Dutch hot tub beneath the starry sky at the end of the day. This thatched miller’s cottage is surrounded by nature in the Weerribben nature reserve. It can be reached via a charming wooden pedestrian bridge and is equipped with every modern amenity.

Holiday home on the edge of the forest in Brabant

This holiday home, a former brick furnace in Brabant, can be found where forest and meadow meet. The nature cottage is situated in a small private forest, so you will enjoy the peace, quiet and privacy. There is a beautiful view of the garden, vegetable garden, pond, forest, and meadow with cows. Pick some fresh produce from the garden to prepare your meal. On cold days, you can turn on the central heating or light the wood stove.

Adventurous accommodations with locals in the best places

This is a perfect nature experience. Go back to basic and low budget on the territory of locals, where you can set up your own tent or rent modest accommodation. Book the retro caravan in Harro’s food forest, spend the night overlooking Mirjam’s lake in the forest, or set up your tent in Mieke’s large ‘backyard’'.

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