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Valkhof Museum

The Valkhof Museum (Museum Het Valkhof)  is an archaeology and art museum, housing a spectacular collection of Roman antiquities, old masters and modern art.

  • Discover a treasure trove of old and new art: archaeological finds from Roman times, 17h century paintings, silver, and modern art.
  • Immerse yourself in local history - the museum occupies the site of a former Roman army encampment and a fortress built by Charlemagne.
  • Admire temporary exhibitions and fall in love with modern art.

The site on which the Valkhof Museum is built used to be a Roman military camp. At the time Noviomagus, as Nijmegen was called, was the most important Roman city in Holland. It should come as no surprise that the museum possesses a large collection of archaeological Roman objects.

From Roman art to Pop Art

The collection consists of Roman artefacts organised in themes such as religion, trade and crafts, as well as everyday life. The museum also owns a broad collection of modern art and regularly organises special exhibitions ranging from Pop Art to contemporary Expressionism and unique prints.

Notable architecture

The museum was opened by Queen Beatrix in 1999 and is housed in a modern building with clean rigid lines and bright colours. It has been nicknamed the ‘block box’ and ‘the aquarium’ and its architecture, which stands out in the green surroundings, is not loved by everyone. Still, the museum is well worth your while. You will find it at Kelfkensbos 59.

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