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Gastronomic Dordrecht

Fresh fish from the rivers around the city has been a part of Dordrecht’s menus for centuries. And to this day you can enjoy fish specialties in great restaurants. Herbs from De Biesbosch and the region’s fruits lend their flavors to the jenever (Dutch gin) and liqueurs of a Dordrecht distillery.

  • Attention for fish lovers: this is one of Dordrecht’s gastronomic specialties
  • Make your own liqueur
  • Enjoy tasty dishes in a unique setting: visit Villa Augustus

Flavours of Dordrecht

Culinary tours de force are what you can expect from restaurant Blanc, which also offers a gorgeous view of the tri-river intersection at Dordrecht. The small-scale restaurants of Flavour Street (Nieuwstraat) regularly organize culinary events. Around Scheffersplein square, you will find various café-restaurants with terraces.

Distillates and beer

Rutte & Zn Distillery makes delicious jenevers (Dutch gins), liqueurs and eaux-de-vie. Groups can visit the distillery by appointment and participate in a tasting. Liqueur-making workshops are also regularly organized. Rutte works with pure, natural ingredients such as herbs from De Biesbosch.

Green on your plate

Lovers of vegetarian food can regale themselves with vegetable dishes at restaurant Kop van ’t Land or a lunch at Zusjes. Villa Augustus prepares many dishes with vegetables from its own garden.

Tip: Villa Augustus is an old converted water tower with a hotel, restaurant and vegetable garden. A great and unique place to spend the night!

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