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Ouwehands Zoo

Dare to rub noses with the polar bears? Or do you prefer to stand eye to eye with the Humboldt penguins in their fantastic enclosure? Spy on the unique, white lions from an exciting observation point and wander through the Bear Forest, where brown bears and wolves live side by side. Walk around as the orangutans swing above you or act like an animal yourself in RavotAapia, Europe’s largest covered jungle playground.

  • Visit the two giant pandas in Pandasia
  • Come eye to eye with a gorilla
  • Ravotaapia is Europe's biggest indoor play jungle
Grebbeweg 111
3911AV Rhenen
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The giant pandas Xing Ya and Wu Wen were moved into their brand-new Pandasia accommodation in April 2017. The pandas will stay in Holland for fifteen years, and everybody hopes for offspring. Giant pandas are an endangered species and even in zoos they are a unique attraction.

Sea lion sensation

In a breathtaking show at the Blue Lagoon at Ouwehands Dierenpark, you will meet the fantastic sea lions. See how they live and have fun, just like the sea lions on the California coast do. You will be amazed by a fantastic 'splashy' spectacle.


Act like an animal in RavotAapia - Europe’s largest covered jungle playground. Play as if you were part of the legend of the pirate shipwreck, and climb and clamber around like the otters and squirrel monkeys. Go on a voyage of discovery and experience it all for yourself!

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