Wadden Islands

Between Den Helder in the Netherlands and Esbjerg in Denmark lies an area of natural importance that has no equal anywhere in the world. The Wadden Sea is a world in itself, a world with two faces, ruled in turn by ebb and flood, by sand and water. Like pearls on a necklace, about fifty islands and islets protect the shallow Wadden Sea. The necklace begins with the five Dutch Wadden islands, pearls that each have their own atmosphere and their own character. Five islands, five opportunities for enjoyment!

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Explore the Wadden Islands
  • Texel

    Visit Texel, one of the Wadden Islands, and enjoy the beautiful natural landscape, pleasant villages, and the best activities.

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  • Terschelling

    Explore the villages, culture and many fun dinner and nightlife venues.

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  • Vlieland

    Enjoy the beautiful, peaceful nature on Vlieland.

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  • Ameland

    Beautiful nature, historic villages and culinary specialties.

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  • Schiermonnikoog

    Dunes, forests, tidal flats and polders: you will find it all on Schiermonnikoog.

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  • Wadden Sea

    You are guaranteed to have a special time when you go on vacation in an area listed as a World Heritage Site.

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Vacation homes on the North Sea

With a view of the sea or the marina - you will find your vacation home here!

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Lonely Planet: Texel is a top destination!

Lonely Planet calls Texel one of the top European destinations this summer because of “an abundance of experiences like unspoiled dunes, nature reserves, beautiful deserted white-sand beaches and forests.” Read more about this unique island.

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Accommodation on Texel

Hotel Kogerstaete - Texel

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Mud flat walking

Mud walking is the most exciting way to explore the unique nature reserve, the Wadden Sea.

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The Dutch Wadden Area: World between the Tides

The Wadden Sea is teeming with life. Twice a day, the current of the flood tide brings water from the North Sea, rich in sediment and plankton, much of which sinks to the sandy bed. In addition, the shallow water of the Wadden Sea warms up rapidly in summer. This means that algae and seaweeds are able to grow quickly. They form the basis of the enormous wealth of food that supplies the inhabitants of the Wadden Sea - countless fish, birds and seals.

Wadden Islands

Just like the Wadden Sea, the five Wadden islands also teem with life. There is wildlife aplenty, but they are also alive with culture, sport and pleasant terraces. On all the islands, you will find quiet and open spaces, beaches and dunes, marvelous flora and fauna, open skies and views extending for miles across the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. But in addition, Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog each have their own sights and specialties.

What if you cannot decide which one you would prefer to visit? Thanks to good connections by boat, you can 'wad-hop' to visit all the islands, one after the other.