Discover Wadden Island Texel - The best activities, accommodations and more -
Photo: © Eric Wijnbeek

Texel, beach island for every season

Texel, the biggest Dutch Wadden Island, boasts 30 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches, nature reserves full of birds and seals, and pleasant villages. Take the 20 minute boat trip from Den Helder to Texel and discover this fantastic island.

Nature on Texel

Natural sites

Dunes of Texel

Get on your bike and take a trip through the dunes on the west side of Texel.


Wadden Sea

You are guaranteed to have a special time when you go on vacation in an area listed as a World Heritage Site.

Texel is one of the five Dutch Wadden Islands (also known as the West Frisian Islands) and will please everyone. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful natural landscape or seek out adventure and go for a parachute jump. Discover all of the island’s beauty from your holiday home, hotel or camping ground.

Texel’s beach

Texel boasts 30 kilometers of sandy beaches, making it the perfect destination for beach lovers. Enjoy the sun in summer or go for a bracing walk in winter. Texel is a great place in every season.

Unique nature

Texel is located in the Wadden Sea, a unique natural reserve. Half of the day everything is submerged in seawater while during the other half, you can walk across the sea floor. This landscape harbors many unique plants and animals, including seals. This beautiful piece of nature is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with reason! The island itself offers, apart from beaches, beautiful dunes and forests.

Ferry to Texel

Texel is easily accessible through the well-organized ferry service  from Den Helder. Cars are allowed on the island and can be transported on the ferry. Alternatively, you can rent a bicycle and explore the bike paths through the forest and dunes and along the beaches.