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Walking and cycling in Zwolle

There are many great places to see in Zwolle, which is set amid a beautiful green landscape. It is a wonderful city for walking and cycling. Hike part of the long-distance itinerary Hanzestedenpad that connects the historic Hanseatic cities along the IJssel river. Go for a bicycle tour of the IJssel delta or a relaxed stroll through Zwolle’s historic inner city, many parts of which are closed off to cars.
  • Take a guided tour of the city or opt for a themed walking route.
  • Rent a bicycle or get in a bicycle taxi; Zwolle really loves its bikes!
  • Explore the city at your own pace and enjoy the area.

City walks and walking routes

There are so-called Tourist Information Points (TIP) in two places: At the Zwolse Balletjeshuis and the Waanders In De Broeren book shop. Both locations are well worth a visit, too, but you can go here for walking and cycling routes, as well as guided city walks here, as well.

Tip: 3 beautiful parks for walks

There are dozens of parks and estates in and around Zwolle. Just outside the historic city is a big landscape park Het Engelse Werk, for instance. It was created on the former fortifications in the 19th century. Go for a romantic walk on the gently rolling paths and discover the pond with its bird sanctuary island. Park De Wezenlanden overlooking Almelose Kanaal is a real urban park with a skating track, playground and petting zoo. Large-scale events are also organized here, including the Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel liberation festival. Doepark De Nooterhof is just next door. With a water playground, bee stable, ecological vegetable garden and herb garden, this is a great place to explore with small children, too. Enjoy a drink at the sustainable Theehuis Earthship.

Art route from station to the inner city

A blue bronze line on the sidewalk leads you from the railway station via the city canal to the inner city, like a meandering river through Zwolle. It is a real work of art and interconnects a number of works of art along the way. Something to enjoy with all your senses!

From cycling routes to bicycle taxi

Explore Zwolle with a cycling tour in the Fietsjoe. These open cabs are perfect for a ride through the inner city. In the space of one hour, a guide shows you the most beautiful spots in Zwolle. The Fietsjoes also offer taxi services throughout Zwolle.

There are fantastic cycling routes in and around the city. The best known route is the ‘Rondje Zwolle’ tour of Zwolle), a 40 km ride or less. You’ll cycle along the IJssel river, relax for a while at Uitspanning Het Engelse Werk, and see the Agnietenbergbos woods. Bicycle signs show you the way. For information about places of interest and cycling routes and maps are available from the Tourist Info Points: Waanders In De Broeren and het Zwolse Balletjeshuis.

Zwolle City of Cycles

Lots of people get around on a bicycle in Zwolle, so it has a reputation of being a real ‘city of cycles’. The bicycle network includes special cycling streets, tunnels and bridges and secure bicycle parking spaces in the inner city. In some places, the traffic lights even have a rain sensor sothat in bad weather the light stays green longer for cyclists.

8 highlights in Zwolle

  1. Sassenpoort
  2. Peperbus
  3. Old city wall
  4. Grote or St.Michaëlskerk
  5. Waanders In De Broeren book shop
  6. Museum De Fundatie
  7. Theater De Spiegel
  8. Three-star restaurant De Librije
Front view Museum De Fundatie
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5x the best things to do in Zwolle

Contemporary experiences in the history city.

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