Traditional farm in the Achterhoek Gelderland
© Stan Bouman

The Achterhoek is characterized by a countryside with typical farmhouses and majestic castles. It has no large towns, but villages scattered across a varied landscape with hedgerows, woodlands and meadows crossed by streams.

  • Experience the rural beauty of the Achterhoek.
  • Cycle and walk past castles and country manors.
  • Enjoy local venison dishes during hunting season.

Castles of the Achterhoek

The best way to explore the Achterhoek is by walking or cycling through its beautiful landscape. There are many cycling tours that lead you to the most magnificent mansions, castles and gardens. A visit to Bronkhorst, the smallest city in the Netherlands, teaches you more about the rich history of this region.

Game Delicacies of the Achterhoek

You can enjoy game season in the Achterhoek to the fullest from mid October until late December. Approximately thirty specialty restaurants serve the most exquisite game dishes with hare, deer, boar, pheasant, duck or venison. You can imagine that after a day of walking through the autumn colored forests of the Achterhoek, a meal like that tastes great.

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