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Six reasons why the Netherlands is the ultimate travel destination in 2020

Lonely Planet has included the Netherlands on its list of best travel destinations in 2020. We are not surprised, because there is plenty to do and see in the Netherlands, especially in 2020, from fabulous events like the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam to surrounding yourself with quiet natural beauty in the Wadden area. These are the must-see places, activities and events in 2020!

  • Discover the highlights for 2020.
  • Celebrate 75 years of freedom and visit the world’s biggest music event, the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Slow down in natural surroundings that are unique in the world!

Celebrate 75 years of freedom

In 2020, it will have been 75 years since the end of WWII. The Netherlands will commemorate this with special exhibitions, extraordinary remembrance events, and spectacular liberation festivities throughout the year. Liberation Day is a big party every year but will be celebrated in even greater style in 2020. Our tip? Take the Liberation Route through Holland and follow in the footsteps of the brave people who liberated the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Visit the famous ‘bridge too far’ in Arnhem and participate in the daily Sunset March to honor the fallen soldiers in Nijmegen.

The Green Heart, hidden gem amid cities

Surrounded by the big cities in the west of the Netherlands, you will find the Groene Hart or Green Heart, a hidden gem for lovers of hiking, cycling and boating. The Green Heart is a haven of peace and space. Here, you can visit Cheese Valley, the area in which the world-famous Gouda cheese is made. Spend some time enjoying the views on the beautiful Reeuwijkse Plassen lakes in sustainable accommodation with private dock at Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen or plan an eco-friendly adventure in the unique Hihahut cottages. These excellent places to spend the night are all interconnected by cycling, pedestrian and boating routes.

Adventures on the Wadden Islands

The Wadden area in the northern part of the Netherlands is so unique that it was elected a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. The five Dutch Wadden Islands represent a perfect island-hopping opportunity. Each island has its own vibe and ambience, with plenty to do throughout the year, from attending the exciting cultural Oerol festival early in summer to enjoying the fresh breeze on the wide beaches in fall and winter. The best way to enjoy the unique tidal flats is to take a guided tour and hike across the seafloor when the tide is out. Or board a ship and experience running aground on the mudflats at low tide.

Eurovision Song Contest

Douze points for Holland! Thanks to our very own Duncan Laurence win at last year’s edition, Rotterdam has the honor of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Rotterdam is an extraordinary city offering an urban vibe and an exciting mix of innovative architecture and excellent art and culture. In short, it is not just a great place for Eurovision fans but also a must-visit city that deserves a place on your bucket list.

The Netherlands, bicycle nation

The Netherlands boasts more bicycles than inhabitants. The Dutch will grab their bike at every opportunity they get. There is no better way to immerse yourself in Dutch culture than getting on a bicycle. The Netherlands is the world’s biggest bicycle nation. With more than 35,000 kilometers of bicycle paths, cycling is the perfect means of transport to explore the country. For even more reasons why the Netherlands is a true cyclist’s paradise, check out our list.

A country as big as a city

Best of all, because all distances are short in Holland, you can travel from one end of the country to the other in no time. From the vibrant university city of Groningen up north to Maastricht, a city for true bon-vivants in the south of Holland: everything is within easy reach. Where else can you relax in an ecolodge surrounded by nature, immerse yourself in the nightlife of the big city, and go for a fantastic bicycle ride through green polders and attractive villages in a single holiday? Holland has one of the world’s best railway networks with excellent connections to other European destinations. Traveling couldn’t be easier!

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