Dordrecht New harbor and Grote Kerk sitting at the water's edge
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This is NL

The Netherlands, a land of water. Water is omnipresent here, it has shaped this country, and so have the wide expanses that characterize its landscapes. In the articles in this collection, we delve into the Neth-erlands’ heritage and its past, but we also ponder the present and even look into the future. From old masters to ‘new Dutch’: this is the Netherlands.

The battle with water

A great part of Dutch heritage is intertwined with the land and particularly with the nation’s ‘battle with the water’. This small country, largely below sea level, has always been fighting to keep habitable land and even to gain more of it. This is the source of a centuries-old tradition of innovation, from dykes through windmills to steam-powered pumping stations. Read our story about water in the Netherlands.

There are more ‘typically Dutch’ things that have evolved as a direct or indirect consequence of the way this country is shaped. Its famous cheese wouldn’t taste the same if the cows weren’t grazing on grass grown in the clay soil of the polders. The tulips, just as famous, can only be grown on the scale they are because of the Dutch climate and the sandy soils of the flower bulb region and other parts of the country, such as Zeeland. Read more about the blooming Netherlands.

A bicycle paradise

Another Dutch icon: the bike. Visitors often reach for their cameras when they first see the vast ranks of bikes parked at Dutch transport hubs. The bike is firmly established as a favorite mode of transport for the majority of the population in the Netherlands, and of course, that’s a lot to do with the flatness of the land, ideal for cycling. Before the arrival of e-bikes, each little hill could present an obstacle to cyclists, and the Dutch sometimes forget how special it is that they have all these level bike paths to zoom along on everywhere. Cycling in the Netherlands happens with children on front and back seats and in all weathers.

If you’d like to explore the Dutch landscape for yourself, read our stories about nature in the Netherlands. We’ve already mentioned the polders and the tulip fields, but there is so much more to discover. From the marl caves in South Limburg to the Wadden islands all the way up north, via the forests of the Veluwe in the center of the country, you can find a wide variety of natural features in the Netherlands. Even ‘mountains’ –at least according to the Dutch themselves!

Couple on electric bikes in the forest

Dutch Masters

Back to the heritage theme. Just as closely connected to the country’s image as the polders, the tulips and the bikes are Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. The Dutch masters and their successors are part of Dutch identity. This small country has brought forth a surprising number of world-famous artists. Read more in our article about Dutch heritage.

Lovely, all this cultural history, isn’t it? But is the Netherlands still relevant now? Glad you’re asking. This is a country defined by its spirit of innovation, a country where engineers and designers are never afraid to break new ground and turn the boldest ideas into reality. Explore this topic in our ‘New Dutch’ feature.

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