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Did you know that Holland’s biggest flower bulb area is in Flevoland? The Noordoostpolder in particular boasts beautiful tulip fields. The new land, impoldered in the previous century, turned out to be fertile ground for tulips and other crops.

  • Take a bike ride along the tulip fields during the annual Tulip Festival.
  • Discover the former island of Schokland, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Stay overnight in the beautiful landscape of the Noordoostpolder.

New land reclaimed from the sea

The Noordoostpolder is located in Flevoland and was created when the Zuyder Zee was impoldered. In the 20th century, land was reclaimed on both sides of what is now the IJsselmeer. These new swathes of land were meant to become new agricultural land. In 1947, the first agricultural land in the Noordoostpolder was divided amongst to farmers. As a result of the reclamation, two special islands were also left dry: Urk and Schokland.

Tulip route and pick-your-own gardens

Lady in Picking Garden with her own picked tulips in bucket

Today the Noordoostpolder is covered in flower bulb fields. In spring you can cycle or walk through the beautiful landscape and take part in the annual Tulip Festival. A predetermined route can be followed by bicycle or car to view the fields, stopping at several places that offer activities. You can pick-your-own tulips in the flower garden or explore the beautiful private farm gardens.

Do's & don'ts

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Lady in Picking Garden picks tulips
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Schokland, a historical place

The village of Schokland used to be an island in the Zuiderzee. When the land was reclaimed from the sea, the island became dry land. Schokland was the first Dutch monument to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit this historical place and take a bicycle tour to the fishing village of Urk.

Planning on staying the night in Flevoland?

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