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Veluwezoom is the oldest National Park in Holland. This landscape of hills, forests, heathlands and sand drifts has been a protected area since 1931. You can freely walk and explore the roads and paths of the region, or take advantage of one of the many opportunities to discover the Veluwe by horse, bicycle or mountain bike. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself eye to eye with a red deer or wild boar!

  • Walk through Holland’s oldest nature reserve
  • Enjoy the view from the Posbank
  • Discover the beautiful estates, country houses and monumental farms
Heuvenseweg 5a
6991JE Rheden

The view from the Posbank

If you’re visiting the Veluwezoom, you have to climb the Posbank. The Posbank is a 90 metre high hill offering an unparalleled view of the reserve. In clear weather, you can see as far as 20 kilometres.

Historic country houses and monumental farms

The southern side of the Veluwezoom offers beautiful estates with grand country houses and monumental farms. The estates of Beekhuizen, Heuven and Rhereroord are historical country houses, complete with parks.

Red deer mating season

There are two wildlife observation posts on the Veluwezoom, allowing you to observe the local wildlife without disturbing the animals. September and October are red deer mating season, during which time male red deer attempt to impress females by roaring (‘burlen’ in Dutch). It’s a spectacle that you don’t want to miss if you’re visiting the Veluwezoom, so be sure to consult the Veluwezoom Visitors’ Centre (Bezoekerscentrum Veluwezoom) for walking paths and guided hikes.

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