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Royal history of Het Loo Palace

After years of renovation, the majestic Het Loo Palace has been restored to its former glory. This stunning building with its beautiful Dutch baroque gardens, was where the Royal Family lived and worked for more than 300 years. Visit Het Loo Palace and follow in the footsteps of the House of Orange-Nassau and the royal history of the Netherlands.

  • Visit the historic palace of the House of Orange-Nassau.
  • Enjoy the beautiful gardens, stables and museum.
  • Be amazed by the Grand Foyer, the beating heart of the new underground expansion.
Koninklijk Park 16
7313AA Apeldoorn
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Het Loo Palace: more than 300 years of history

A visit to Het Loo Palace is an absolute must for anyone who wants to learn more about the Dutch Royal Family. After years of renovation, the beautiful, centuries-old complex located on the outskirts of Apeldoorn is once again open to the public. Since the 17th century, this majestic, monumental palace was the preferred place for monarchs and stadtholders to relax, spend holidays and seek a bit of peace and quiet. And now it’s your turn to get a taste of it.

The history of this gigantic palace is extraordinary; the Dutch Royal Family lived and worked here for more than 300 years. The spacious rooms in the palace, the exotic flowers and plants in the gardens and the luxurious stables for the horses all exude the regal character enjoyed not only by the kings and queens themselves, but their guests as well.

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Renovation of Het Loo Palace

During the renovation, which took about four years, each room was restored to and furnished in accordance with its original purpose and an additional 5,000 m² was added to the complex. The renovated palace includes Prince Bernhard’s traditionally furnished period room. A special Junior Palace was built for children between 2 and 12 years old, where they can learn all about the Netherlands, the Royal Family and other related subjects.

The palace remained inhabited by members of the Dutch Royal Family until 1975. About 10 years later, it was decided to open the Het Loo Palace National Museum to the public. Various exhibitions and events are held here, and the Royal Family still use the palace to host their own occasional celebrations and special events.

Het Loo Palace is the best place to discover everything there is to know about the Dutch Royal Family.

A stroll to the House of Orange, located in the palace’s east wing, is definitely worth the time of anyone who wants to know more about the Royal Family.

The palace isn’t the only properly royal experience in the area. Other options nearby include spending the night in a former royal hotel or enjoying a lovely walk at the Het Loo crown estate and the Paleispark grounds. The royal residents and their guests used to come here, along with visiting the historic city center of Apeldoorn.

There are of course other ways to relax like a royal, such as a day of wellness or a theater visit. Apeldoorn is known for its variety of cultural and social activities and a day in Apeldoorn will certainly never be boring!

If you want to delve even further into royal history, you can also visit other cities. Leeuwarden, Breda, Delft, Apeldoorn and The Hague have all contributed to the story of the House of Orange-Nassau over the centuries.

A brief overview of all the royal beauty that these cities have to offer.

Cities with royal allure

Breda is considered to be the cradle of our Royal Family. Visitors can take a walk with a royal touch through the historic city center or wander around Park Valkenberg, where William of Orange used to often walk.

Delft is the best place to learn more about William of Orange, one of the most famous members of the Royal Family. He lived and worked in this Nassau city and was eventually assassinated there. The imposing Nieuwe Kerk in Delft contains the impressive mausoleum of William of Orange and is also the place where members of the Royal House are laid to rest.

The Royal Family lives and works in The Hague, the royal capital of the Netherlands. The city has no fewer than three royal palaces, and a stroll through the historic city center takes you past many more royal sites. If you have political ambitions or interests, The Hague is home to the Dutch parliament with the historic Binnenhof and the Torentje, the workplace of the prime minister.

Finally, Leeuwarden was home to the ancestor of our Royal Family: Maria Louise van Hessen-Kassel (1688-1765). The city retains a touch of royal allure to this day. For example, you can sleep in the Stadhouderlijk Hof palace, while the Prinsentuin is a nice place for a walk. Museum Princessehof is located in the former residential palace of Maria Louise.

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